Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Look Back

Remember what it was like to be a kid? As I progressed through high school, I found myself missing the innocence and simplicity of being a child more and more. However, I know it had its pros and cons. When I tell people I miss my childhood, they usually say that age is just a number and you can act any age you want, but do I really want to be as immature as I was then?
I once heard a quote that said you can't finish your book if you keep re-reading the previous chapter, and I find that to be very true. Instead of looking back to what you don't have any more, look forward. Besides, I'd rather people say that I'm mature for my age instead of immature. Everyday I try to be kind, be gentle, be loving, to listen when someone needs to talk, to make a hurting person laugh, to give a smile to the hardest of people. I don't really care if I know what  joke means anymore, and if I'm the only one in the room who hasn't seen some dirty movie, I'm okay with that too.
Age is just a number... it doesn't define your maturity, and it certainly never limits you from doing something great :)

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