Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dry Scalp Quick Fix

The Problem: It's January and everything is dry, and there is nothing I dislike worse than dry skin. Thankfully, there's lotion for my hands and face, but what to do about the scalp? I get tired of wearing hats all the time, but often it's necessary when I start getting that disgusting dandruff junk >.< Moisturizing conditioners and shampoos don't seem to work for me, so what do I do?
Remedy: Olive Oil
Why: It's a natural oil and moisturizer and its oily consistency is perfect for getting down to the scalp!
How: Just grab some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a tablespoon (and maybe a friend). Pull your hair away like you're going to part it and pour small amounts on as much of the scalp as you can (usually two full tablespoons cover it well). Any that leaks down to your face or neck just rub on your skin, it helps that too! Leave that on for an hour or so then get a warm (NOT hot) shower. If you don't have time to look like a hobo during the day, just soak your scalp right before bed and wrap your head in a towel over night (if you have a sensitive neck, just cover your pillow with a towel instead of putting it around your head). You'll see an immediate difference!
Depending on how dry your scalp is, you'll probably want to do this once a week. If you're not too worried about it, though, just wait till it starts itching then apply. Personally, I live in Denver (aka VERY dry) so I like to do it pretty often.
Be healthy... Spirit, Mind, and Body!

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