Friday, April 20, 2012

Enter Morgan: Stage Left

Guess what?! I have a blog!

Yes, this is a fact that I am aware of, though some people might think that I have forgotten. But I haven't! Life has just been a little crazy for the past few weeks.

And the headlines for this craziness is... *drumroll* My sister, Morgan, moved home!!!

Yup that's right! Now I have a full-time babysitter (ha! not really). 
Actually it means a lot of things, and all of them are good. It means I have a best friend living right across the hall; it means that I don't have to be lonely when my parents go on date nights; it means I have a full-time model in my own house; it means that I have someone else to contribute to my Disney fund; it means there is aaaallllways music going; it means emotions are naturally high; it means I have two little toto-like dogs to play with; and lastly (but not leastly) it means that her business, Bashert Jewelry has moved with her here to Denver!

My sister started Bashert Jewelry a couple years ago out of her love for taking broken pieces and making something beautiful out of them (even if it's not the original piece). Currently she has four different styles at her Shop on Etsy. The links to each item can be found below the picture...

(She let me model for this)
(The black thread is elastic, so it slides on and off very easily)
(One of my favourites)

(I wear this one all of the time. It's a long necklace and works with most any outfit!)

I have personally tested each of these items and love them all! So go, shop, buy, and enjoy! 

So here she is, my beautiful, wonderful, epic, dramatic, genius, devoted sister... Morgan <3 (and her dog, Basil)

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  1. I love this. Morgan is so gorgeous. And I love her jewelry!!! Definitely checking tha tout...