Monday, March 19, 2012

On the Trading of Tim Tebow

When I'm sad, I write poetry about the situation... So here is the fruit of a day of sadness... 
For Mr. Tebow

On the Trading of Tim Tebow

By A.F. Lowry           
March 19, 2012

I looked upon the frozen dawn,
I drank the city air.
Now the crowded masses thronged
Along the thoroughfare

A fresh metropolitan state
With fresh plans, great and small;
Fresh life, ground, society, and change
And fresh talent above all

But something was different now
A stale, warm, harsh wind blew,
And I knew that there upon the ground
My dreams would soon be strewn.

‘A fantastic opportunity’…
That is what they said.
But what is a championship to me?
Something more I dread.

How could we keep both of the stars
(The old and new talent)
With this new, small budget of ours?
For he is young, even if gallant.

But, I won’t fear his leaving us
For I know within my heart
That wherever he goes, he’ll trust
The will our Lord imparts

Now, I'm not saying that he will be traded, and I hope that he isn't, but I'm praying God's will for him right now... I want him wherever he can thrive and grow and be the greatest witness... I'm only partial to him staying here in Denver. 

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